Fred The Egg The Gardener
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Nasty Weeds, Bugs, and Strange Mutations are causing havoc in the garden.
Can fred be the best gardener egg that ever was???
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Modeling, Animation, Technical Art, Design & Concept

Chasen Nesbitt

Programming, Audio, Technical Art, UI, Concept


2D Art, Concept


Unity3d, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Visual Studio, Pro Tools, Bitbucket


Watering Can

Use the Watering Can to remove Drought. Whenever a new seed is planted, the plot becomes Dry. (Note: Seeds cannot die from Drought, and do not need to be watered immediately)


Use the Pesticide to remove Bugs. Bugs can spread to adjacent plots over time, but only if a different plant is growing on that plot.


Use the Scythe to remove Weeds. Weeds can spread to adjacent plots over time. Cutting down weeds also yields some income.


If a plant is afflicted, it will halt it’s growth. If an affliction isn’t dealt on the cycle it begins, the plant will go into a Withered state on the next cycle. If a plant is Afflicted and Withered at the end of a cycle, it will die. (Note: if a plant is Ripe and Withered, it cannot be harvested. You must cure the affliction first and wait until the next cycle)


Once fully grown, plants need to be harvested. This is your main source of income. Be warned however. If the plant isn’t harvested on the same cycle it turns Ripe, it will turn into a Zombie.


If a plant turned into a Zombie, you must kill it using the Scythe. Zombies will attack Fred if it gets too close, so be careful.


Buy your seeds from the shop, the more expensive the better!


Rent is due each cycle, watch your bank account carefully.


You have 3 health. Your health goes up when the time of day changes.